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Logan Fetish: Part 2

Logan Fetish: part 2
Logan needs some good luck this time...

part 1

"This is ridiculous..." Logan all but sang as he sat back in his chair and sipped his smoothie.

The bushes behind him shook "Just act natural!"

"I am wearing a suit by the pool for no reason. How am I supposed to-"

"Hey Logan! Are you talking to the plants?"

Logan turned so fast he almost fell out of his chair and saw Kendall pointing awkwardly at the bushes behind him.

He panicked a bit. "What? No, why would you say that?" Logan shrugged it off and put his smoothie down on the table in front of him.

Kendall shook his head and sat across from Logan. He picked up Logan's smoothie and took a drink.

Logan snatched his smoothie back and looked at Kendall harshly.

Kendall shrugged.

"So." He began, putting his feet on the table. "You need good luck today, or what?"

Logan panicked a little. "Um..." A stick hit him on the back of the head and he flinched. "Yes, actually I'm... um, I'm making an announcement tonight." He feigned confidence in his smile.

Kendall raised an eyebrow, which Logan felt a bit uneasy about. "An announcement?"

Logan pressed his lips together and nodded.

"Hm." Kendall looked at him blankly, but Logan noticed his eyes not meeting his and instead studying his outfit.

The awkward moment was interrupted by Jo putting her arms on Kendall's shoulders.

Kendall smiled awkwardly at Logan "Me and Jo are gonna play mini golf..." He stood up and took Jo's hand, but kept his eyes on Logan. "So hold off on that announcement until I get back."

Logan just furrowed his brow and nodded at Kendall and Jo as they waved to him and walked off.

He sighed heavily and sunk down in his chair while Carlos and Katie appeared in front of him.

"Dude! You skipped to plan B!"

"Are you really gonna do it?"

Logan looked up at them. "Just to set this all straight."

Result of the worst writer's block ever...
Tags: big time rush, fanfiction, i don't really like this, slash
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