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Jasper Bartlett: Rulebreaker and thoughtcriminal

Jasper Bartlett: Rulebreaker and thoughtcriminal
warnings: slash, incest
summary: Jasper unwillingly breaks some rules on his own. The world is better for it.

Jasper scratched his head at he looked down hopelessly at a worksheet with an astonishing zero answers on it. "Ugh." He dropped his pen and started rubbing his forehead.

"Something wrong?" Jasper looked up to see his cousin standing on the sidewalk in front of the bench he was sitting at.

"Yes there's something wrong." Jasper slouched down on the bench and Henry sat next to him.

Jasper moved only his eyes to look up at Henry. "I've been breaking rule number three all day."

Rule Number Three: Nothing, including their relationship and Henry's hi-jinks, could distract Jasper from his journey to academic success, and ultimately to Yale.

Jasper was usually pretty good about focusing on school, but it had been a month since Henry had started sleeping in Jaspe'rs bed on occasion, his thought control was completely out of whack, and the night before head gotten pretty heated..

Henry looked down at the blank worksheet on Jasper's lap. "Do you want me to go somewhere else?"

"No." Jasper groaned and leaned forward, putting his head down.

Henry rubbed Jasper's pinky with his own, an unseen and silent acknowledgement  and transfer of affections.

Jasper sat up straight and looked at his boyfriend. "Aren't you working in like ten minutes?"

Henry's brow furrowed. "Eight."


"Ah!" Henry exclaimed as he was pushed against a wall somewhere deep in the warehouse in the doum rooms. Hands pinned his wrists to the wall and teeth pulled on his earlobe. He exhaled loudly and smiled.

"Wow, Jasper. Two rules in one day?"

Jasper snickered and started placing a trail of kisses along Henry's jawline before claiming his mouth in a surprisingly slow kiss. They both caught their breath before Jasper ended the kiss, but kept his lips just centimeters from Henry's.



"I love you." His hands found where Henry's shirt was hiked up a bit against the wall and trace patterns on the taut exposed flesh with his fingertips.

Henry made a small noise in the back of his throat and gave Jasper a small kiss on the lips which he responded to immediately. "I love you too, Jasper."

Jasper smiled bigger than Henry had ever seen and crushed their lips together sloppily.

Henry felt hands unbuttoning the front of his shirt, while the owner of those hands started nipping at his neck.

"Be careful, Jasper." Henry sighed. "You're going to break rule number five..." The last word came out as a moan as Jasper bit down and sucked above his collarbone.

Jasper's eyes darted up at Henry's face as he kept biting and explored his chest and abdomen with his hands. Unconsciously, they traveled lower and rubbed the other boy's hip bones, causing him to thrust forward slightly.

Jasper pulled back and they stared at each other. Out of nowhere, Henry's hand swiftly undid the button on Jasper's black pants.

They clasped hands and Jasper swooped in for another soft kiss.


The two boys stood shirtless in a small bathroom, looking at their reflection.

"Well, we did it." Jasper panted as he stared at the big purple mark on the front of Henry's neck.

"Rule number five." They said together.

Henry poked at the bruise and winced. "I'm sorry, Jasper."

"Why? It was my fault. It's fine, I'll just call Maggie down and you can borrow some of her makeup to cover it." Jasper smiled. "But not until after you turn around and kiss me."

Well I wasn't expecting that one to come out of me tonight. Hope you guys like!
Tags: fanfiction, obscure references, slash, unnatural history
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