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Rules, Rules, Rules.- Unnatural History fic

Rules, Rules, Rules
slash, incest
Spiders and mixed signals

Set after Practicality and Rule #1

Henry Griffin usually found ways around the rules that were set for him. Lately, though, he had plenty of reason to follow the rules. He loved Jasper, and since they started dating, he could be honest about that.That and all the kissing and cuddling and  the fact that Jasper was no longer uncomfortable walking into their bedroom shirtless after a shower were all plenty of incentive to follow his rules.

Walking home from work after school, while Jasper had been sick, Henry looked down at the small wooden box in his hands. He was sure Jasper would forgive him this time...


"You brought home a spider?!" Maggie stared at Henry incredulously, eyes wide, stopped in the middle of the hallway.

"It was a harmless barn spider I found in the warehouse. I even clipped her fangs before I took her home. She would have died in the museum." Henry tried to justify himself, but he still looked guilty.

A small smile spread across Maggie's face and she grabbed Henry's wrist and started walking again to keep the hallway traffic going.

"Henry, spiders are the only thing that scare Jasper more than I do." Maggie laughed "What did he say?"

"He just started screaming at me about rule number 7. But I'm keeping her on my side of the room." Henry said.

Maggie laughed. "So you can defang spiders and you know it's female? It's strange that I'm not shocked at all" She opened a door and they walked outside onto the sidewalk by the courtyard. Maggie leaned on the wall of the school and looked distinctly like she had something to say.

"Something wrong?" Henry looked concerned.

Maggie blushed a bit. "No... It's just, you guys seemed pretty all over each other in the doum rooms last week. I'm just shocked you guys still have separate sides of your room."

Henry leaned on the wall next to Maggie. "Yep." He said, looking at the sidewalk. "Rule Number 2: Don't rush Jasper."

Maggie looked at him. "Well, you guys have only been together for a month now. That's a pretty reasonable rule." She stated. "But you don't sound to happy about it."

He sighed. "I know, and I agree, but it just seems like he's giving me mixed signals."

"Yeah, well, ready your satellite. He's coming this way."



Jasper would be walking through their bedroom door any second.

Henry closed his eyes, exhaled and tried to center himself. He was lying on his stomach on Jasper's bed, skimming over some pages in a textbook.

The door made a clicking sound and Henry's face lit up, but the look on his face went from excited to predatory when he looked up at Jasper, standing in front of their closed door, in just some light blue pajama bottoms, towel-drying his wavy wet hair.

Henry's eyes followed a drop of water down Jasper's arm, then another from the boy's navel to the hem of his pants.

Henry shook his head a bit and sat up on the bed. "Hey, Jasper."

"Hey, Hen." The taller boy threw his towel on the ground and leaned down to give Henry a light kiss on the forehead, fingertips running teasingly down his forearm. "What are you doing in my bed?"

Jasper was leaning over Henry. Henry could very easily move Jasper's leg with his foot and make him fall onto him. Not the smartest idea to ever go through his head.

"I thought I'd stay over here with you tonight." Henry offered, smiling. "Like that time we fell asleep on the couch when your dad was out of town."

Jasper's face froze. He blinked a few times and stood up straight. "U-um, yeah. Yeah, sure, why not? My Dad's going in super-early tomorrow and He'll be gone long before we wake up, so, yeah. Let's do it."

Henry smiled. "Great." He walked over to his hamper, taking his shirt off and throwing it in.

"I mean, it's been about a month now, right, and like you said, the, uh... the couch thing. That happened." Jasper's voice shook. "And Henrietta could bust out of that terrarium any time. She looks at me like I'm dinner. I'd definitely feel safer with you over here."

Henry laughed to himself at the name Jasper had given his spider. He turned to see his boyfriend setting his blankets straight for them to go to bed. He smiled and, now shirtless with cargo shorts on, he walked over to Jasper.

He turned him by the shoulders and pulled him down for a kiss in one motion, earning a surprised little groan from him. He moved closer when he felt hands settle on his hips, with Jasper's thumbs through his belt loops, and now they were pressed together. Cool water rubbed off on him and gave him a small shiver.

Henry turned around so his back was on the bed and was on Jasper's bed on his knees, pulling the other boy down before Jasper could even realize what he was doing.

Jasper broke the kiss with a "woah." Before falling on top of Henry, straddling him, their faces inches a part. He blinked hard and took in  a few shaky breaths.

Henry smiled comfortingly and rubbed Jasper's back. "You're fine." He reached over and turned off the lamp next to the bed and the room got as dark as it was going to. Jasper lowered his body onto Henry's and gave him a soft kiss.

After a few minutes rolling around and some nervous laughs, the two fell asleep in each others' arms

Okay, So I just wrote that and now I'm kinda thinking "Where did that come from?" lol, but Hope you guys like this one like the others. Much love!
Tags: fanfiction, i'm iffy about this one, slash, unnatural history
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