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Rule #1; An Unnatural History fic. Another one

Rule #1
slash, incest
Jasper just wanted to go home

companion piece to Practicality

It had been three and a half weeks since Henry and Jasper had begun secretly dating. That night Henry laid half awake on Jasper's bed, listening to his cousin spout off rules.

Not that Henry didn't agree with all of the rules. Some of them certainly made life easier. For example, Rule #1: Absolutely nobody finds out

According to Jasper, this rule included no PDA ("Public displays of affection." Jasper had explained.) No talking about it in public, no unnecessary looking... Anything that could possibly give them away was to be completely avoided

Henry tried to follow the rules, he really did, but being alone with Jasper in the DOUM rooms late in the evening after working for hours really did something to him.

He had become almost obsessed with looking through the files he was supposed to be scanning into the museum's database, which is why...

"Your shift ended twenty-five minutes ago. Jasper sat at a table with his chin in his hands.

Henry turned to look at his tired boyfriend. "I'm sorry, Jasper. I got a little caught up reading the files, but when I'm done with this stack we can go home, I promise."

Jasper's eyebrows went up and he gave Henry a stern look, but it was interrupted by a yawn. His arms stretched up and his fingers combed through his hair and it was the cutest thing Henry ever saw.

His eyes widened as Henry turned back to the computer. He picked up a file, scanned it, put it down and reached for another one. An oddly heavy on.

He stared at the file. There was no way he was going to open it. He couldn't. He had to finish before Jasper went home with out him.


Maybe just to see why it was so heavy...

But before his other hand could reach the folder to open it, it was grabbed from behind him, and there was breathing next to his ear.

"Put it down, Henry."

Jasper's chest vibrated against his back and Henry shivered. He wanted so much to just lean back into Jasper's arms, but this was the museum, and he would probably knock his unprepared cousin down.

He put the file down and picked up the next one. There were maybe ten left. Jasper let go of his wrist and went from behind him to leaning on a cart next to him, which, of course, rolled away instead of supporting his weight. With a giant thud from the cart hitting a wall and a surprised yelp, Jasper caught himself before he fell and steadied himself with his hand on the desk.

Henry burst out laughing.

Jasper nodded "Alright. Okay, it was kinda funny." Henry just laughed harder. "I get it, Hen. You can stop. It wasn't that funny, okay?"

Henry stopped laughing for a second, but had to cover his mouth soon after to stop himself from starting up again. Jasper rolled his eyes.

Henry smiled and walked to Jasper. He clasped his hands behind his neck, and even though Jasper's hands instinctively rested on Henry's  waist, his eyes questioned him.

"What are you doing?" He stepped back so they were arms length from each other.

Henry Just stepped forward again and pulled him into a hug, pressing the side of his face into his chest. "You're so cute." He smiled.

Jasper's hands went up to Henry's shoulders and he tried to push him away "Thanks, Henry, but we really can't do this here... We're in public. Remember?"

"Relax, Jasper." He put his hands on his chest. "We're alone here. I promise"

He pulled Jasper in for a kiss. Jasper's eyes shifted a bit, but it was only a few seconds before he closed his eyes and gave in to the kiss.

Henry wrapped his arms around the taller boy and smiled a bit. It was a slow kiss, but he was surprised he had gotten Jasper to do it in the first place.

But Henry wasn't gonna win this one. Jasper tangled his hands into his boyfriend's hair and he bit his lip. Henry made a high-pitched sound and his nails dug into Jasper's shirt. Now a bit rougher, the kiss lasted a few more seconds before they pulled apart.

Jasper had that smug look on his face that just made Henry want to jump him, and he knew it. Henry smiled mischievously and leaned up toward him again.


oh no.

Both of the boys turned their heads to the side to see Maggie, smirking at them.

Jasper's hands went right to his sides and his face scrunched up. "How long have you been standing there?" He asked.

"Long enough."

Henry bit his lip and looked from Maggie to Jasper.

And there was an awkward silence he just needed to fill. "Guess you were right, babe. DOUm rooms are 'public.' "
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