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"Why is this funny in Canada?"

So... I'm in my normal spot, at my Grandparents' house, in front of the computer, typing up my work.

I am so frustrated.I'm about to move out of town. I won't be staying nights her anymore. I'll be studying in a dorm. And I have no computer on which to type anything. This is the only place that works. At home the computer's in my parents' room >.>

$900 sitting in a bank, and unable to use it on what I want. Maybe I'll just get a laptop and a bike to ride around town. I would like that a lot. ^^

Anyway...Last night were my town's fireworks. We have a little carnival. I had fries, popsicles, a sno-cone (which I spilled all over myself) and I cut my toe playing in the river. I forced my parents to let me stay to watch the fireworks, then I went to the emergency room where a doctor used forced irrigation on my cut toe and then accidentally glued my toes together with Dermabond. At least I won a cane at the fireworks before I left. XD

So... back to writing. Done ranting. ^^

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