Practicality; an Unnatural History fic
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slash, incest
Jasper just wanted to do his homework and get a drink...

I just called myself a girl, like, a million times...Collapse )

"Why is this funny in Canada?"
So... I'm in my normal spot, at my Grandparents' house, in front of the computer, typing up my work.

I am so frustrated.I'm about to move out of town. I won't be staying nights her anymore. I'll be studying in a dorm. And I have no computer on which to type anything. This is the only place that works. At home the computer's in my parents' room >.>

$900 sitting in a bank, and unable to use it on what I want. Maybe I'll just get a laptop and a bike to ride around town. I would like that a lot. ^^

Anyway...Last night were my town's fireworks. We have a little carnival. I had fries, popsicles, a sno-cone (which I spilled all over myself) and I cut my toe playing in the river. I forced my parents to let me stay to watch the fireworks, then I went to the emergency room where a doctor used forced irrigation on my cut toe and then accidentally glued my toes together with Dermabond. At least I won a cane at the fireworks before I left. XD

So... back to writing. Done ranting. ^^

The Phoenix Garden: Desensitizing Alice
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Okay, so this tiny little short story is a bit of character background for a story that I'm doing called The Phoenix Garden. It takes place in the late fifties. I'm not too fond of it, but I love my characters and will continue to post these little stories 

R&R. I hope you like it

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Will be posting tomorrow...
At least one side story for something I'm working on. A vampire story I started working on before Twilight ruined literature and film.

Intro post!
Albert Einstein Quote
My Name is Andrea, but I much prefer Andie cuz I'm classy like that. I'm 18 and currently in my transition summer between high school and college.

I'm bisexual and an incredibly romantic person, but I've recently become single and have decided to dedicate my life to my writing, fandoms and the study of social sciences.

I love to learn and am always doing research. I read about everything that goes through my mind. I love everyone and everything, which can probably be traced to my Pagan faith. I pride myself in my Irish heritage.

I have lots and lots of fandoms. I love tons of anime and manga. With that came a love for Japanese music (Koda Kumi is my hero) especially Johnny"s and visual kei, as little sense as that makes. I love Nickelodeon. Big Time Rush, iCarly, Victorious. I love pretty much anything with the name Dan Schneider on it. The man is a genius. Spogebob is my anti-drug (even though I OD on caffeine every day and smoke on frequent occasion. >.<) Not liking Spongebob will always be the epitome of evil for me, as I see him as a great symbol of happiness and innocence. ^^ Big Time Rush is my current favorite thing in the whole world. I love the House of Night books and the Dragonriders of Pern series. I love The 'Lost Generation' writers from the twenties more than life itself and I have a Gertrude Stein quote on my bedroom wall. The Fitzgeralds are a model couple to me.

I wouldn't say that my writing style is unique, but that's because it's what's expected. Everyone says that. I like to play aorund with small details, because in real life, I overthink them. I like to give odd POVs for situations. I also love being as realistic as I possibly can with characters' reaction to unrealistic situations.  The people I write about are as real as I can make them, but the conditions under which they live are the most outlandish.

This fall I will begin courses at Bowling Green State University in sociology and creative writing. After that I hope to apply to the JET program and work in market research when I return. (Somewhere far from Northwest Ohio.)

I also have a strange habit of asking people to marry me and an odd inclination toward ferrets.

So add me if I seem interesting or you want to follow my writing. ^^ I always add back. and comment here anytime you wanna talk.


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