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Practicality; an Unnatural History fic

slash, incest
Jasper just wanted to do his homework and get a drink...

How does one walk in the same rhythm for hours?

"Henry what are you doing?" Exasperated, Jasper closed his eyes and sat back in his computer chair

"I'm pondering courtship." Henry stated.

Jasper's eyebrows rose and he swiveled his chair so he was facing him. "Really?

Henry stopped pacing across their shared bedroom and looked at Jasper. "Yes. I have a particularly odd situation on my hands... Something I've never dealt with."

Jasper smirked. "What? Is someone playing hard to get?"

Henry looked confused.

Jasper smiled and rolled his eyes. "When a girl purposely acts like she's not interested in you so you'll try harder to be with them."

"Oh." Henry thought for a second. "No... It's fairly obvious that this person has feelings for me."

"So... what? You don't like her?"

Henry looked down. "That's where the problem comes in..."

Jasper stood up and stepped toward his cousin, putting one hand on his shoulder "I see. Can't say I've ever had that problem but I suggest you let her know. The sooner the better. I'm gonna go get some water. Do you want anything while I'm downstairs?" He turned toward his door.


Jasper looked at Henry confusedly.

"My feelings with this person are mutual." He sunk down onto his hammock and practically pouted up at the other boy.

Jasper's brow furrowed and he sat down on his bed. "Then what's the problem?"

"I've always known romance as something that leads to marriage. To continue a family name, to improve someone's life, change social standing, or just further the species. But I'm having very strong feelings for someone that I see no practicality for. I mean, I do enjoy romance for its own sake, but I just can't see why this person would ever share that mindset." Henry sighed and laid back.

"Oh." Jasper looked around the room. "Well... We're in high school. Nowadays around here, we're expected to have meaningless relationships that go on for just a few months, or years, if we're lucky. Why don't you just-"

Henry cut him off "I don't want this relationship to be meaningless, or to only last a few years."

Jasper stood up. He walked back to his door, scratching his head "Look, Henry, I don't really see what you're problem here is. It doesn't sound like the feelings you share with this person are impractical at all. If the feeling is mutual and you're really that sure and that serious, then it sounds... perfect..."

A smile spread across Henry's face as he stood up and walked toward Jasper. "Really?"

"Totally." Jasper looked down at his doorknob. "Can I go downstairs now?"

"Turn around Jasper."

And when he did Henry's hands reached up to pull his head down by the back of his neck and he received a kiss on the forehead loaded with more than just family love.

He pulled back and almost hit his head on his door. "Whoa! In what country is that a gesture of gratitude?"

"You still don't get it." Henry laughed and laced their fingers together. He bit his lip and then stood on his tiptoes to give his taller cousin a small kiss on the lips.

Jasper's eyes widened "You were talking about me? You said I obviously had feelings for you and... I just called myself a girl, like, a million times." His hand snapped away from Henry's and flew to his forehead. "Ugh... I'm getting a migraine." He sat back down on his bed.

Henry looked at him patiently.

Jasper leaned back, holding himself up by his elbows "Henry... I can't date my cousin. My male cousin. It's just not... not..."


"Normal!" Jasper exclaimed. "It isn't normal."

Henry opened a drawer and took out a bottle of aspirin, handing it to Jasper. "You're probably the most peculiar person that I know, and I'm certain that you don't find me normal."

Jasper stared at him for a moment. "We're gonna need rules."

Henry laughed.

"Hey, you can't be in a gay relationship within your family without setting a few guidelines, okay? We can make this practical."

Henry laughed. "Okay. Let's hear them then."


I really hope I didn't push it with this one. creepy? or just horrible? R&R Hope you find it as cute as I do... much love. ^^

Tags: fanfiction, slash, unnatural history
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